Laura and Shiner Move In 

Laura and Shiner moved from Austin to Dallas this past weekend. I flew down and moved all the stuff to my new place.  This post also contains a sub-story (read: rant) Why I hate Southwest.

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This is another one of those long posts.  So I just grouped it into this long frontpage item. 

San Francisco: Update1

So, I decided to fill you all in about my trip to San Francisco.  For some reason I was really in a writing mood or something, so the post is pretty long.  I only described my first day (Sunday) in San Francisco, so I might try to update you on the rest of my mini-trips from the rest of the week later. The first day was the most eventful anyways. Check it out!

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Photo Gallery

More Pictures: Laura and Shiner

Laura Kissing Shiner's Nose Man, these two are just too cute.  Check out the photo gallery that I posted not too long ago to see some more pictures of Laura and Shiner.  Laura just got a new hair cut... and shiner kinda did too with all the shedding she's been doing for preparation for spring/summer.

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