Update: The new theme is up! I tried out a few logos, but I think I like the logo I have up at the top right now.  I also joked around with another logo, which you can see here .

Now that I have the photo gallery, blog, and URLs all set up the way I like, I'm going to completely revamp the site theme.  As you may have noticed, all my blog URLs are now much simpler to remember/link to; they all appear to be standard HTML links. Also, the photo gallery has been modified to include some fancy javascript (lightbox) to animate the photo viewing.

I'd like to have a theme that has a similar "interactive" feel to it -- but I'm hoping for something understated, yet stunning. I know those are somewhat contradictive statements, but when you see the new theme I think you'll understand. I'll have to redo the gallery module as it runs an independent theming engine, but I may release an early site update.

Keep checking back - it should be good!


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