Upgrading from Joomla 1.5RC4 to Stable (Production) was a breeze. There was no need to make changes to database structure or anything. Simply download the full stable release, upload to my server, and overwrite the files. Here's how I did it from the shell.

Navigate to the proper directory:
$ cd /mysite/

Download (wget) the new compressed file:
$ wget

Uncompress over old files:
$ tar -zxvf Joomla-1.5.0.tar.gz

Remove the installation directory:
$ rm -fR installation

I then visited the site to check to make sure everything was working. Sure enough, it all worked great! I would highly recommed creating a backup of your site files and database. Here are some links from my site on how to do this from the shell:

Create a MySQL Backup from Shell
Create file/website backup from Shell

I've decided to quit posting technical posts to my frontpage. I figure that most people who land on my blog for a tech post are probably getting here from google or another search engine and will land directly on the article they are interested in. People who are more likely to visit my site on a consistent basis are friends and family. As such, I am trying to make it easier for them to enjoy the site (by simply coming to the frontpage) without having to navigate through all the techy madness that I am always posting about.

If you do read my blog for the techy posts, they will all still be here. They won't show up on the site's main front-page, but they'll still get filed to the tech category of my blog. What do you think about this change? Leave a comment and let me know!

My last goal was to make my website the top search result when you searched for 'Shiner Lyon' (at least on Google - that's all that counts right?). I have successfully overtaken the Kansas and Kentucky Wildlife Commissions and a discussion forum about fishing bait to achieve the top position. At least for now.

My new goal is to make my website the top search result when you search for 'Josh Lyon' - afterall, this website is pretty much dedicated to my thoughts, my photos, my technical discoveries, etc. Hopefully google will re-index my site and will pickup on the new changes I'll be making over the coming days.

I would mention the names of the websites I'm below, but for now I don't want to give them any type of advantage. I'm talking to you Mr. Leet Speak and Mr. Horserider.

Maybe I could put some more pictures of myself up and appropriately label them. If you have any ideas how to make my site more oriented towards me in content (like the use of my name in text, descriptors, etc.) please leave a comment.

There was a very small issue with the DS-Syndicate module that broke the W3C Validation compliance. The img tag did not end with a forward slash. To fix this, simply open /modules/mod_ds-syndicate.php and on line 51, column 64 add a / to the end of the <img> tag so the line looks like:

$mod_content .= "<img src="/" . $feed_img . "" alt="feed image"/></a>";

I had about a 45 minute conversation with one of my Coworkers, Troy, about my webiste yesterday. I asked him to tell me three things he liked about the site and 3 he didn't. The three things he liked about the site were harder for him to come up with than I expected it to be, but he didn't have much trouble coming up with some suggestions. I really appreciate it when people give me creative criticism as that's one of the only way to make things better. Attached below is the shorthand notation of what he told me:


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