I was getting an error with my RSS Syndication component after I moved my site over to the new server. The error message I was getting was:
Error creating feed file, please check write permissions.

I just wanted to let everyone know that my next goal is to make some pictures or information about my dog the top link on Google when you search for "Shiner Lyon".  Laura seemed to think it was ridiculous that I was doing some search engine optimization on my photo gallery tonight primarily for that reason, but I think it's fun. Hopefully she (Shiner) will the top result shortly.  As a side effect of getting Shiner promoted, I've fixed some of the issues with my com_search component and an issue it had with OpenSEF. If anyone is interested in the apache htaccess hack, let me know via a comment and I can post some information on it.

I've uploaded my Europe pictures to my photo gallery. I had a ton of pictures (somewhere between 300-400) and decided not to upload all of them.  I probably uploaded about half of them though so you'll want to either pick and choose based on thumbnails or have a good amount of time to look at them.

Anyways - here's a link to the gallery: click here to view gallery

The last time I posted this article it got locked in the system - sorry if you tried to access it and couldn't.

I recently did a google search with the only parameter being show everything from the domain. To do this, I simply went to google and entered "" as my search term. I noticed that the descriptions for all my Joomla pages were the same thing. I decided to take a look at the setting in the Joomla backend at Site > Global Config > Meta and verified that the description entered there was the exact same thing showing in google.

Question: I want my primary to be Explorer, but Firefox is

Answer: In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Programs (Tab) > Check the"Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser" checkbox. Click the apply button in the bottom right and close out of the options (Ok your way out). Then close and restart Internet Explorer. When it opens up it will do the check and ask if you want it as your default browser.


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