I've been posting a lot on the NetworkedMediaTank forums lately since I recently developed an application for the Popcorn Hour (and Optware/other devices) that improves the management of Usenet related functions.  The application was originally intended to simply grab all the bookmarks from a users Newzbin account and queue up those NZBs to be downloaded by the users usenet application (NZBget by default).

This means a user no longer needs to go through the manual process of downloading an NZB and uploading it to their Usenet client -- which means they would either need to set up an elaborate web-interface setup (such SABnzbd+) or would need remote access to their usenet client in some other fashion. The user can now simply login to Newzbin and bookmark the item. Newzbook takes care of the rest of things and starts the download automatically on its next pass.

The application has now expanded to include a number of other functions such as a mobile friendly Newzbin search and NZBget interface. You can find more details about the application on my googlecode page or on the NMT forums.

I should note that I do not give out Newzbin invitations to anyone I don't know and I strongly do not condone piracy.

One of simple features missing from my Blackberry was the capability to automatically lock the blackberry when the screen fades. RIM had this cool idea where when you stick the blackberry into it's case it automatically goes into lock mode, but sometimes you just want to keep your blackberry in your pocket, purse, briefcase, man-bag (or whatever it may be) without its case without having to worry about accidentally calling or e-mailing someone some jibberish.

This app is a simple, but powerful tool that directly integrates with your blackberry. Simply navigate your blackberry browser to the following link and install the autolock app.

Over The Air Install (OTA):

The configuration settings of the app are as follows:

  • AutoLock keys: Enable/Disable
  • Delay after backlight shuts: 1 sec - 10 minutes
  • Action when plugged in: Don't Lock / Lock
  • Action when on call: Don't Lock / Lock

You can also download it to your computer and install it, but I've always found that process much more tedious.

See below for a great shell command to get a listing of the count of files in all the folders in the current directory and below. It will produce an output similar to the following which can then be manipulated in a data-processing application:

1  ./example/dir1 
3  ./example/dir3/dir4/dir5
10 ./example/dir3/dir4/dir6
67 ./example/dir3/dir4/dir7


find . -type f -printf %h"\n" | sort | uniq -c

A friend of mine and I were sharing tips on blackberry tricks the other day when he showed me some shorcuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste (see immediately below). He found a  list of other shortcuts and e-mailed them to me so I figured I would post them here for others to use as well.

Cut, Copy, and Paste
You can also find other similar commands in the typing section below.
• To cut highlighted text when typing, press the Shift key and the Backspace/Delete key. 
• To copy highlighted text when typing, press the Alt key and click the trackball. 
• To paste highlighted text when typing, press the Shift key and click the trackball.

See below for even more shortcuts...

I recently received a question from one of my friends regarding the use of keywords and descriptions within meta tags on a website to improve ranking of their site. They asked if they could increase the frequency of how often those tags were shown so they could improve the ranking of their site. My response was as follows:


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