I've uploaded some of the pictures from the visit to my parents house in Loveland, Colorado. We went hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park and went White Water rafting on a Wanderlust Adventure down the Poudre river. Click on the links below to check out the albums.  Also, remember that I now have two slideshow options in my gallery. You can view a full-screen slideshow from the root of each gallery (eg. where you are looking at all the picture thumbnails) and a regular slideshow as well.

RockyMountainNationalParkWanderlust White Water Rafting

  • Nice Photos!

  • sameer

    the=========================================== state can afford stupid things like putting up Guard Rails on Bond Rd (Hwy 307). The State can buy property up to give right of ways to bridges. However, when it comes to good clean recreational activities for families, it cannot afford them.This so smacks of the school systems threatening to close down the football program everytime they want to catch the attention of the masses.I love Ft Flagler with its miles of flat beach to walk on. And the high cliffs and views of the Olympic mts., Indian Island, Ft Warden, Mt Baker, Whidbey Island, and Port Townsend. The historic military buildings and the bunkers are also a nice attraction.

  • Thanks much for the cool blog!;-)

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