After doing an untethered jailbreak on my Apple TV 2G (ATV2) with GreenPois0n RC6, I noticed that if I rebooted the Apple TV my wifi would not reconnect. Disconnecting the power and plugging back in would not resolve the issue. After a bit of research, I figured out a quick fix to getting my wifi back:

Go to: NitoTV > Settings > Restart Lowtide

After the device rebooted, my wifi connection re-established itself within 10-15 seconds. To permanently fix the issue, I SSH'ed into the AppleTV and issued the following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get remove com.nito.nitotv
apt-get install com.nito.nitotv
killall AppleTV


Update (2/20/2010): A number of blogs are reporting that greenPois0n RC 6.1 includes the wifi fix directly. So if you haven't already flashed, just go ahead and use 6.1 and it should include the wifi fix. Additionally, you can always flash RC 6.1 over your current setup, but I find it easier just to either remove/install com.nito.nitotv or install OpenSSH from the nitoTV menu.

Update (2/16/2010): NitoTV recently posted on their twitter account the the wifi issue appears to be related to SSH -- they recommend that you grab OpenSSH from the top of the nitoTV featured list and reboot to fix the wifi issues. You shouldn't need to do both fixes (the commands above and the OpenSSH install), but it also shouldn't hurt anything.

On Wednesday 16th February 2011,  said:
the wifi fix is live!! thanks  and  for major contributions 
to squelching the problem! it was an SSH issue and saurik has updated 
openssh to 5.8p1-9. grab openssh from the top of the nitoTV featured 
list and reboot and your wifi woes /should/ be history!!!

Note: If you are running a tethered jailbreak, it's recommend you update to an untethered jailbreak such as the GreenPois0n RC6 jailbreak. fireCore also has out a beta version of their seas0nPass utility. However, with the untethered Windows version of GreenPois0n being out for Apple TV 4.2.1 devices, I don't see why you wouldn't just want to use the GreenPois0n release as it's just as user friendly... well, at least as user friendly as a jailbreak can be.

  • Drew

    I was wondering if you new how to do the untethered jailbreak without having to install NitoTV? It seems my SSH connection is refused until I install the "Cydia payload" from the inject software menu after using Greenpois0n. Seems silly to have to install NitoTV just to get SSH working.


  • GreenPois0n RC6 automatically installed nitoTV for me (on Windows with ATV 4.2.1)... but you can always just uninstall nitoTV if you don't want it... and you still have the option to manually install any binaries you want.


    apt-get remove com.nito.nitotv
    apt-get install openssh
    apt-get install nano
    apt-get install {someBinaryYouWant}
    killall AppleTV

  • Apple TV 2 Lover

    Oh god!! thank you very much!!! great tutorial!

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