How to set-up a Home Network:

IP Settings:
  1. Click Start and choose Control Panel
  2. Click Network and Internet Connections
  3. Choose Network Connections
  4. Right-click the Local Area Connection and choose Properties
  5. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the Properties button
  6. Tick: Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically
  7. Click OK to close the box, then OK on the next to apply the setting.
  8. Configure the workgroup settings per the next section.



Note: If you have a My Network Places icon somewhere, you can right-click it and choose properties in substitution of the first three steps


Workgroup and Computer Name Settings:
  1. Click Start then right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
    (This can be done if you have the icon on your desktop also)
  2. Choose the Computer Name tab and click the Change button
  3. Under Member of: tick the Workgroup option and type in a network name, or leave it as the default.
    (Keep in mind, for your computers to see each other on the network, the workgroup names must all be identical)
  4. Click OK to apply the settings, then OK again to close the remaining box.
  5. You're Finished!
 start menu - my computer My Computer - Property computer name
Click to view the image at its full dimensions (will open a small window for the image)

  • Steven Gardner

    Great "how to" article! thanks a bunch!

  • anon

    My work laptop is on my work's network i.e. when i go to My Computer-> Properties-> Computer Name-> Change it has my work's domain in the Domain text box. I want to use this on my home network however i dont want to lose the domain as I need this for work. Is there anything I can do? Thanks

  • Nice tutorial, very detailed and for sure lots of us can easily follow it and set up our own Home Network connection. Thanks for this article Josh.

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