Angelbeat – Windows 7, Virtualization, Data Deduplication

I recently received a cold-call / cold-email from a member of the Angelbeat team. Before getting the contact, I had never heard of angelbeat and had no idea what they did. It turns out they sponsor technical conferences with leaders from the industry such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel doing presentations. I checked out the website and the content actually looked pretty good. They had people talking about up-to-date topics such as data deduplication, virtualization, and Windows 7.

The conference was pretty good. They had breakfast and lunch provided and just as the emcee said, about 50% of the content was relevant / good. The conference was probably a little more focused toward the backend technical people that frontend (eg. towards system integrators not business application developers), but it was still pretty good. I learned a lot about the push for data duplication and the integration the benefits it provides in the context of virtualization.