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  • Blogg-X No Keywords

    I just realized that the new Blogg-X component I’m using doesn’t have a keywords area in it. If I could find a good way to automatically have these fields generated this component would really work great for me. The SEO tool I’m using has an option to mass generate keywords for articles, but it doesnt…

  • Up To Date Blogging

    I’ve been really bad about keeping my blog up to date lately. I’m not sure exactly what it is that keeps me from updating my site, but I feel like I don’t do it as much as I should. Even if I just kept my blog posts short, it would be better short than nothing.

  • Flamingcube Archive

    edit: I think I figured out the dynamic redirection issue. The flamingcube.com domain was redirecting to www.boshdirect.com for SEO (search engine optimization reasons). Now it points directly to the home directory and should accept names as if it were boshdirect.com – you should see the changes as soon as the information propagates across the internet.…