Jet Ski: Fixed

More info on the Jet Ski. As I mentioned before we got it up and running within the first week we had it in Dallas. It had been broken for about two years. My dad and brother attempted to work on it, but I really dont know how much effort they invested into it. We pulled the CDI box — which is a small sealed box that houses all the electronic components — only to find that it was developing it's own mini-environment inside it. If we were to buy all the individual parts inside it, we would have spent over 1500 dollars. We went on ebay and bought a $300 replacement box and had it shipped to us within the first week.

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Here's a list of the things we replaced/fixed:

  • CDI Box — all components inside
  • Throttle cable
  • Choke Assembly
  • Fuel Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Oil Change

The speedometer doesn't work — so we need to figure out what's wrong with that. The ski smokes a bit when it starts up, so we are thinking about doing a modification that removes the Oil Tank/Pump and allows you to manually put the oil into the gas. The guy at the Kawasaki dealership said he recommends it. It's supposed to be better on the motor and improve performance.

This saturday was the second time I got to go out on it since I've been in Dallas for the internship. I think Travis has gone out on it five or six times. It ended up costing me just over $500 dollars to get it fixed. My parents said they would pay me back for it, so I need to get all the bills together and work out a total.

It was taken to the lake (2) two weekends in a row without having the trailer registered because of the stupid system at the County Office. They were going to charge us for two years because the of the date at which we wanted to register the trailer. The last two weeks in May would have forced us to pay for the whole 2005-2006 year. We decided to wait until June and just pay for the 2006-2007 year.

It's all registered now and is begging me to ride it. I look at a little lake out my window all day and it makes me want to leave work and go to the lake. Oh well, it's just something to look forward to for the weekends.

Josh Lyon

Week 2 Done – Begin Week 3

Another week goes by and I've learned even more about the the company. It's easy to understand why the University of Texas (McCombs School of Business) recommends taking as many internship opportunities as a student can get. Don't get me wrong: school is tough… especially when working 30 hours each week while i'm finishing up with courses within my major. But working in the corporate headquarters for a fortune 500 company gives you a much better perspective on what the real world is really like. It's a lot of work, but it has its payoff.

Working 40-50 hour weeks is definitely not as long of a week as some of my dads (and friends) 70-80 hour weeks. But it is representative of what the employees at Flowserve HQ work. We recently started doing "summer hours" in which we work an hour longer on Monday-Thursday then only come in for a half day on Friday. This is perfect for me. I come in early and leave late already — just to avoid the rush of traffic — and I get to extend the enjoyment of my weekends….

I went back to Austin for memorial day this (3-day, long) weekend to see Laura and my family. Laura got back from Paris on Friday and flew into Houston. She came out Saturday morning, which was perfect because I needed to fix a friends laptop on Friday. I bought a new phone (Treo 650 smartphone) on Saturday, then on the way to my parents house my car decided it was time for a new alternator.

We pulled the cable from the alternator, jumped the car, then drove it up to Georgetown with all the power-drawing equipment turned off. This works alright for old carbed motors that dont have much computer equipment. But with my car, the computer controls all the fuel ratios and everything else that creates a smooth environment for the engine. It ran rich/rough on the way up there, but it was a hell of a lot better than fixing the thing in the parking lot with little/no tools.

I ended up spending the whole weekend modding my dad's xbox (which might I add is pretty SWEET) and Laura wasn't too happy that I didn't spend more time with her. Well, lucky me, she's moving into my apartment this weekend so I'll be back in Austin again. I was really hoping to get out to the lake this weekend to run the Jet Ski.

I can't believe I forgot! The JetSki which was down for TWO (2) years has been revived by Travis and me. We pulled the CDI (electronic) box from under the oil tank only to discover that it had a seal broken and had a nasty funk growing inside it. We bought a whole new CDI box, choke cable (also was broken), and a new battery and got her up and running for the first weekend. We went out to the lake, got burned, and had a good time.