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  • Visiting my Parents in Loveland

    We’re in Loveland, CO for an extended weekend to visit my parents at their new house. My parents recently moved up here for my Dad’s new job at McLane Co. To keep my mom happy, my dad bought her a big house. I’ll try to take some pictures before we leave and post them when we […]

  • Flash Video: End of the World

    I promised Alex that I would upload two of our favorite flash videos: Mario Twins and End of the World.  You can find the Mario video at the following link: Mario Twins The End of the World video is below. It may take a few minutes to load on slow connections as it’s somewhat large […]

  • Flash Videos: Mario Twins

    I’ve uploaded the Mario Twins (Shiggity Shiggity Shwa) and End of the World flash videos to my website. The Mario one will start playing automatically, so I decided to put the End of the World on it’s own blog post. You can find the End of the World video at this link: End of the World

  • Chase and Jill Love Us

    We are staying with Chase and Jill Kerlin again this weekend in Austin. They live in Round Rock and always leave a room available for us – even last minute. We were down here just the other weekend to come to a wedding and my friend from Panama (the country) is here this weekend, so […]

  • Rollerblading with Shiner

    I’ve started rollerblading with Shiner (our dog). Since we got Dish Network, we’ve been watching a lot of Dog Whisperer – the show with Cesar Millan.  He is always talking about releasing the dogs energy and one of the examples we have seen him do to release dog’s energy is to go rollerblading with the […]

  • Long Time, No Blog

    It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post to my website, but I guess I’ve just been busy with a lot of things going on in my life. I’ve been travelling a ton for work – which has been really cool, but has kept me ultra busy. Since the beginning of the year, […]

  • Frontpage Tech Posts

    I’ve decided to quit posting technical posts to my frontpage. I figure that most people who land on my blog for a tech post are probably getting here from google or another search engine and will land directly on the article they are interested in. People who are more likely to visit my site on […]

  • Josh Lyon Search

    My last goal was to make my website the top search result when you searched for ‘Shiner Lyon’ (at least on Google – that’s all that counts right?). I have successfully overtaken the Kansas and Kentucky Wildlife Commissions and a discussion forum about fishing bait to achieve the top position. At least for now. My […]

  • DS Syndicate Write Permissions

    I was getting an error with my RSS Syndication component after I moved my site over to the new server. The error message I was getting was: Error creating feed file, please check write permissions.

  • Shiner Lyon Google

    I just wanted to let everyone know that my next goal is to make some pictures or information about my dog the top link on Google when you search for "Shiner Lyon".  Laura seemed to think it was ridiculous that I was doing some search engine optimization on my photo gallery tonight primarily for that […]