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My last goal was to make my website the top search result when you searched for ‘Shiner Lyon’ (at least on Google – that’s all that counts right?). I have successfully overtaken the Kansas and Kentucky Wildlife Commissions and a discussion forum about fishing bait to achieve the top position. At least for now.

My new goal is to make my website the top search result when you search for ‘Josh Lyon’ – afterall, this website is pretty much dedicated to my thoughts, my photos, my technical discoveries, etc. Hopefully google will re-index my site and will pickup on the new changes I’ll be making over the coming days.

I would mention the names of the websites I’m below, but for now I don’t want to give them any type of advantage. I’m talking to you Mr. Leet Speak and Mr. Horserider.

Maybe I could put some more pictures of myself up and appropriately label them. If you have any ideas how to make my site more oriented towards me in content (like the use of my name in text, descriptors, etc.) please leave a comment.





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  1. Cory Webb Avatar
    Cory Webb

    Hi Josh. I came across your site in the Dallas Joomla meetup group. You do good work. You should consider having a dedicated portfolio section of your site.

    As per your question, you should try changing your site title (in your Joomla global configuration) from “BoshDirect” to something like “Josh Lyon – BoshDirect”. If you do a Google search for my name, my personal website is the first result, and my Joomla tutorial site ( is the second result. The titles for both sites include my name.

  2. josh Avatar

    Thanks for the great ideas! I’ve already gone ahead and implemented the Site Title as you suggested. I’ve thought about building a portfolio section, but I’ve been toying with the idea of separating my personal blog and web development into different sites. I have a few good domains I’m not using, so I just need to get the other sites up. Joomla 1.5 just came out, so now seems like as good a time as any to build a new site!

  3. Cory Webb Avatar
    Cory Webb

    That’s probably a good idea, keeping your blog and portfolio separate. If you decide to do it, let me know how the new site turns out.

  4. Lee Coursey Avatar
    Lee Coursey

    That should give you a pretty good sample of things to make sure you’re doing.

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