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I’ve uploaded my Europe pictures to my photo gallery. I had a ton of pictures (somewhere between 300-400) and decided not to upload all of them.  I probably uploaded about half of them though so you’ll want to either pick and choose based on thumbnails or have a good amount of time to look at them.

Anyways – here’s a link to the gallery: click here to view gallery

The last time I posted this article it got locked in the system – sorry if you tried to access it and couldn’t.

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  1. I should also note that I recently added a slideshow option to the photo gallery. It’s a fullscreen javascript slideshow that makes viewing a lot of photos fast and easy. Click the link that follow to watch a full-screen slideshow of my europe pictures: Europe Fullscreen Slideshow ([url][/url])

  2. Good pics! you should also Prague ! I was there for my honeymoon. From the hotels in Prague where we stayed there was a beautiful view over the Charles Bridge. It’s so beautiful after snow.

    Best Vanessa

  3. I would have loved to visit the Czech Republic. The guy I went with has been asking me when we are going to take our next trip, but I need to save some money for a wedding and a house! He really wanted to go to eastern Europe, but we didn’t have the time during our trip. Glad to see you enjoyed my pictures and thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. Yes, Prague is a great city. I was happy to find a wide variety of museums in Prague. National history, communism, historical Czech art, music, literature. To see all of Prague museums would take several days of staying in hotels Prague for vacation.

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