Laura and Shiner Moved In

The day has come.  Laura and Shiner have finally moved in!  I went to Austin this past weekend to get Laura, her stuff, and our dog and move it all up to Dallas.  I halfway expected it, but there was still some packing to be done.  Laura put in a good effort getting a good amount of boxes packed up, but there was still some stuff left to be done.  I flew down on Southwest Airlines via a one-way ticket from Dallas Love Field to Austin.

Side Story:

I’m really not a big fan of Southwest.  I think it’s really just a multitude of small things that add up and make it a bad choice for me.  For one, I hate the fact that your seats are not assigned. And I hate the whole boarding group thing: They give you these boarding groups that I think are defined by how early you check in. You have groups A, B, C which board the plane in alphabetical order. Even this is a multi-dimensional issue in itself.  Within these groups there is really no structure, so whoever gets to the airport earliest, or waits in line the longest, or somehow gets ahead of you in line gets the best priority within each group.  Even worse than that is the groups don’t really even seem to matter.  Group A had a ton of people in it with Group B and C passes.  So they were getting ahead of everyone when they shouldn’t.  On top of that group B somehow had two lines entering the plane at once. It’s really just a big mess.

So you finally enter the plane in your boarding group and realize everyone else who was actually in group B/C, but entered with group A, has taken all the aisle seats except for a few at the back. So you work your way all the way to the back of the plane because you have long legs and want the space for your knees and need room in the aisle for a little breathing room for the boys downstairs (read: your family jewels [read: your balls]). But as you get to the back of plane where there are now only two or three aisle seats open – where you passed plenty of middle seats 20 rows up – some douchebag from group C who decided to board ahead of you in group B takes the last aisle seat.  With everyone behind you entering the plane and looking for a seat you are stuck where you are.  You are in the farthest seat to the back of the plane. And it’s a middle seat.

God, I hate Southwest.  But back to the real story at hand.  I dealt with the crappy seat for all of about 45 minutes and landed in Austin.  Laura picked me up with Shiner in the car and they were both really happy to see me.  Laura gave me kisses and Shiner gave me… licks.  I really don’t remember anything from that night so it was either uneventful or we went down-town and had such a good time that I don’t remember it. We got up early and packed up the Penske truck with all Laura’s belongings.  I was surprised at how much we filled the truck up, but we also inherited a washer and dryer from the apartment complex. (Thanks!) Shiner and Maddie –my brother’s dog– got to play one last time and Laura and I started on our way to Dallas.

The trip was pretty uneventful.  I got to cruise in the big ‘ol Penske and Laura and Shiner rode in her car.  We stopped by Laura’s mom’s new place to drop off the couch Laura had and pick up her old dresser and night-stand.  Laura’s mom had just moved the day before us, so luckily all the stuff was downstairs in the garage. Brian Kammerer and Laura’s mom met us over at the new place and we all moved everything in.  It was a ton of help (thanks ya’ll!).

Brian’s now borrowing my xbox for the week as part of his “payment.” He is also getting a ridiculously sweet deal on a pull-out-bed couch and leather couch.  That’s another story all together but the reader’s digest version is this: I asked Brian if he needed couches (now that we have like 5) and he said yes.  Later I was joking with Laura that we would give him buy-one-get one free and give him a great price on the pull-out couch. She offered the combined offer of a great price and buy-one get one free and he said yes.  He was a ton of help anyways and I’m happy to help a friend, so it all really works out in the end.

My brother wants the chair-and-ottoman that matches the pull-out couch and I really need to figure that out.  I don’t want to store it for the next few months… so Jesse, we’ll be in contact.

As my good buddy Porky used to say,
“That’s all folks.”


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