Sample Logos

I've been trying to come up with some ideas for sample logos, but nothing has really hit me.  I came up with two ideas, so tell me what you think.


boshdirect logo no pirates yarr

I really don't know exactly where this one came from, but I thought the idea was pretty funny.  I guess I did my fair share of "pirating" and "hacking" back in the day so maybe it's a subconscious thought creeping it's way back out.  As pirates always say, "Yarr!"


 graduation hat on top of globe - taking over the world

I think this one is much more professional and really has somewhat of an underlying message behind it.  Some people have interpreted the globe as a head that is wearing the graduation cap, and others just see it as a cap sitting on top of the world.  But the interpretation is really up to the viewer.  The main idea behind it is inspired by the idea that I am a recent college graduate and I have the world as my playground. The "taking over the world" is really just a cocky statement that emphasizes my current position for growth potential.





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  1. Mark Avatar

    Out of the 2 I like better the second logo, I feel it gives a clear image of what your logo is in relation to but remove the hat

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