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I am trying to find a simple solution that will allow me to upload and play videos on my website in a format similar to google video or YouTube, but it doesn’t look like there’s really anything good out right now that does that.  The closest thing I’ve found is to convert the video to flash (flv) on a local computer, then upload the file to my webserver, then play that back with an FLV player.

I’ve attached a sample video below so you can see how Riva’s encoder performs.  It’s really crappy in my opinion, so I may just go back to using Google Video / YouTube.  The original video was taken with my Cell Phone at 640 x 480 resolution in 3G2 format. It was approximately 250kb in size.  I had the Riva encode shrink it down to 320 x 240 and somehow the video quality got worse (blockiness) and the size of the file went up to nearly 1 MB.






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  1. Bruce Avatar

    It’s the ONLY solution for you!

  2. Josh Lyon Avatar
    Josh Lyon

    Thanks for the tip, Bruce. I already had their site bookmarked, but I haven’t been back to it in a while. The Bits on the Run CMS system looks very promising, but it looks like it’s only a hosted solution. When I had my website on a VPS, I looked into installing a command-line based encoding tool but just never got around to it. Now that I am back to shared hosting, I’d like to find a solution that works without having to install binaries.

    What specific piece of the JW site were you referencing as the “ONLY solution” for me?

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