Southwest: Clothes Too Skimpy

A coworker just sent me a link to this article about a girl getting kicked off a flight for wearing clothes that were too skimpy. This just adds to the list of reasons why I don’t like Southwest.  If you want to read more about why I don’t like them, check out the side story from this old article I wrote. Here’s the link to the article on MSNBC’s site:

I thought the outfit was kind of hot.  I wouldn’t have said "you can’t get on the plane because your clothes are too skimpy" but I probably would have said "you can’t get on this flight because your face is beat." That girl looks like she just walked off the football field after a rough tackle.

Girls OutfitFace is Beat 





4 responses to “Southwest: Clothes Too Skimpy”

  1. Queen Laura Avatar
    Queen Laura

    Dang, you’re harsh.

  2. Joshua Lyon Avatar
    Joshua Lyon

    Looks like Southwest finally followed up with an apology. Her face didn’t look as beat in the videos they showed on the news. Laura thinks her boobs are fake – What do you think?

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