Josh Lyon

Rollerblading with Shiner

I’ve started rollerblading with Shiner (our dog). Since we got Dish Network, we’ve been watching a lot of Dog Whisperer – the show with Cesar Millan.  He is always talking about releasing the dogs energy and one of the examples we have seen him do to release dog’s energy is to go rollerblading with the dog and the owners. 

When it starts getting closer to bedtime, Shiner starts running around the apartment with a squeaky toy and we figure it has to drive the downstairs neighbor mad.  I usually try to stop her when she starts running around, but that probably keeps all her energy pent up in her.  Instead of just stopping her from running around, we decided to start helping her release some of that energy by taking her out rollerblading.

Josh Lyon

Shiner Videos

As part of my quest to find a good video solution for my website, I’m trying out Google Video.  The video quality is a lot better than the local tool I was using (Sothink Flash Encoder), but the video is a lot choppier. I think the choppiness of the video has something to do with the framerates not syncing up during the video encoding process on Google’s end, but that may be because I took the video with my Treo 650 cell phone.  I’ll try some more videos with my regular camera later and see how those turn out. 

Shiner Jumps Out of Creek

Josh Lyon

My bitch is in heat

Laura has had Shiner in Austin pretty much since the day we got her.  She stayed with me for a week and comes to visit on the weekends, but other than that she has been in Austin with Laura.  We’ve taken her to two different vets and they each thought she was a different age (between 5 and 10 month), but they both agreed that she was spayed.

I came home the other night to find that Shiner had pulled down a case of CD’s off my desk and tore the top part off that had a floppy disk in it.  She had torn the floppy disk to shreds as well as some flip flops she found. When I was picking it up I was worried that she had hurt her mouth on the floppy disk. I saw a few drops of blood on the ground, so I inspected her mouth and paws for cuts.  I didn’t find any, so I didn’t really worry about it.

The next morning I took her out for her morning routine and came inside to find a little spat of blood from where she was sitting before I took her outside. As you would imagine, I was a little concerned so I checked her over again – this time making sure I checked her back paws, legs, etc.

Much to my surprise I found that her vagina was red. I got a paper towel and wiped her down and found that there was some blood on the paper towel.  After doing a little research on the web I narrowed it down to a few things:

o       She is in heat (but she’s spayed, right?!)

o       Low blood platelet count

o       Urinary disease / issue

I did a little more research and after talking to Laura, we decided I should take her to the vet.  When I examined her more closely I noticed that the muscles around her vagina were really firm.  My research told me to check if it looked different, but how the hell should I know as I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I had read that if parts of the uterus or ovaries are left in the animal that those parts can trigger the heat cycle. 

I took her to the vet and they basically confirmed my suspicions. When I told them two other vets said they thought she was spayed, the new vet asked me a simple question “so they shaved her belly and checked for a scar?”  Well, no, they didn’t shave her but they did look for a scar.  So he took her into the other room and shaved and checked it.  What I thought was the scar he indicated was simply her belly button. He said the scar is typically below the belly button a little bit down towards her belly.  The only thing they could have mistaken for a scar was some light pigmentation which was pretty clear wasn’t a scar upon shaving her. 

So, what it comes down to is she is now wearing what looks like a diaper (pads) until she is through her cycle and we are going to get her spayed.  As one of my coworkers put it, it’s like having a teenage girl that you are trying to keep away from all the boys.

Josh Lyon

New Dog – Shiner

So I got a new dog this past weekend!  I can't say that I found the dog, as it's more like she found me (or my brother).

My brother, Jesse, works for Sprint and was at a Sam's Club for the day when a stray dog decided it wanted to go inside the building.  The staff that worked there kept trying to kick the dog out, but weren't very successful in doing so.  They would take her outside and close the door on her, then she would just run around as fast as she could to the other door.

At one point, she even began to use some stealth tactics to try to get in the door.  As a couple of people were walking in, she snuck behind them and tried to walk right in behind them, like she was part of the crowd.  My brother felt bad for her and decided he would take her home, clean her up, then take her to the vet/shelter.  He figured he would probably handle her a little nicer than the guys at Sam's would who wanted to kick her out.Image gallery link at the bottom.

Laura and I were just getting home from having lunch and getting my haircut, when we saw Jesse walking in the apartment complex with his dog, Maddie, plus another one that was just a little bigger. We asked him who she was and he explained the story to us.  We pretty much instantly fell in love with her and decided to go with Jesse to get her all washed up.

She was whining a lot as we washed her, but I think it was only because she was starving and she had to watch Maddie eat a full bowl of food during the bath.  We scrubbed her down pretty thoroughly with some anti-flea shampoo and she looked completely different.  I wish we would have had some before and after pictures, but you'll have to deal with just the afters.

Right when we got done cleaning her, she went straight for the remnants of what was in the food bowl.  We gave her some more food, but didn't want to overdo it and have her throw up. After relaxing and playing with Maddie inside and outside, we took her to the vet to get her scanned for a microchip.

For those of you who don't know, they are now putting RFID microchips in animals so that when they are lost/found you can take them to a vet/shelter and they can scan the animal to get the owners information out.  Sounds kinda Star Trek like, but the future is now.  Turns out she didn't have a microchip and there were no reports out for anyone looking for her.

We decided to have the vet do a full check-up and administer the shots/medicine she needed.  She was running a temperature of 104* F.  It's actually only a degree or two high, as dogs typically run between 100-103 degrees Fahrenheit.  She probably had been eating some bad stuff while she was on the street, which was causing the fever, so the medicine should take care of that and we will have to go back later for her vaccinations and microchip. Image gallery link at bottom.

I almost forgot to mention one of the other sad parts.  When my brother found her, she had a tiny collar around her neck that was almost choking her.  It was probably put on her when she was younger and she got lost and grew out of it.  It was dirty and missing some of the beads on it, so she was probably out on her own for a while.  She's in good hands now, as she's at my girlfriend Laura's place getting pampered and her medicine administered.

Here's a link to the photo gallery: