Shiner Videos

As part of my quest to find a good video solution for my website, I’m trying out Google Video.  The video quality is a lot better than the local tool I was using (Sothink Flash Encoder), but the video is a lot choppier. I think the choppiness of the video has something to do with the framerates not syncing up during the video encoding process on Google’s end, but that may be because I took the video with my Treo 650 cell phone.  I’ll try some more videos with my regular camera later and see how those turn out. 

Shiner Jumps Out of Creek

Down Hill and Into Creek


Shiner in Creek Bottom


Shiner Running on Grass


Park 360 with Shiner






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  1. Laura Loo Avatar
    Laura Loo

    Ahhh!! Shiner is so cute!! Those videos were hilarious. It makes me want to see her so much! 😀

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