Windows Default Icon Spacing

Yet again, I have typed up another long entry in Joomla just to have it all disappear because Joomla (and it’s Editor components) suck at handling sessions. I won’t get into that here, but I do want to get a piece of information across that isn’t widely available on the internet.  I messed with my Icon Size and Spacing (horizontal and vertical) in Windows XP and I couldn’t find the original settings to change it back to.  I pulled it up on another one of my computers and figured I would post it on the internet for all to see.

Icon Spacing (vertical): 43
Icon Spacing (horizontal): 43

A quick side-note that I made on my original post was the fact that windows will only display icons up to 72px and the built-in windows icons usually only scale "gracefully" up to about 48px. In contrast, Mac OS X will display icons up to 128px and every icon I have ever seen on a Mac will fully scale to that with no problem. To read more about this, see the icon topic at XvsXP.