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Yet again, I have typed up another long entry in Joomla just to have it all disappear because Joomla (and it’s Editor components) suck at handling sessions. I won’t get into that here, but I do want to get a piece of information across that isn’t widely available on the internet.  I messed with my Icon Size and Spacing (horizontal and vertical) in Windows XP and I couldn’t find the original settings to change it back to.  I pulled it up on another one of my computers and figured I would post it on the internet for all to see.

Icon Spacing (vertical): 43
Icon Spacing (horizontal): 43

A quick side-note that I made on my original post was the fact that windows will only display icons up to 72px and the built-in windows icons usually only scale "gracefully" up to about 48px. In contrast, Mac OS X will display icons up to 128px and every icon I have ever seen on a Mac will fully scale to that with no problem. To read more about this, see the icon topic at XvsXP.





8 responses to “Windows Default Icon Spacing”

  1. Bob Avatar

    Thanks man needed that lo,l thoughtful of you cheers.

  2. Josh Lyon Avatar
    Josh Lyon

    Thanks for the reply, Bob. Glad to hear my post was helpful to you. I didn’t put it in the above blog post, so I should also note that the default icon size in Windows XP is 32×32 pixels.

  3. Me Avatar

    THAANNKKK YOUU needed that

  4. Zedriz Avatar

    [b]I needed the default because i nstalled Stardock’s Windows Blinds. After you uninstalled it, it doesn’t return to the default. Thanks! ;-)[/b]

  5. Brad Avatar

    What’s the default font size?

  6. sir.les Avatar

    Windows 7
    A few simple steps to fix icon size and spacing
    Go to desktop
    Right click on clear area of desktop
    Click personalise
    Click on Windows Color down near bottom
    Click on advanced settings
    Lo and behold you should be in old territory
    Write it down somewhere where you wont forget how to get there
    or see what to do here

  7. Thomas Avatar

    Thanks for letting me know about windows default icon spacing.

  8. Ben Avatar

    Thank You:D

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