Blackberry Auto-lock

One of simple features missing from my Blackberry was the capability to automatically lock the blackberry when the screen fades. RIM had this cool idea where when you stick the blackberry into it’s case it automatically goes into lock mode, but sometimes you just want to keep your blackberry in your pocket, purse, briefcase, man-bag (or whatever it may be) without its case without having to worry about accidentally calling or e-mailing someone some jibberish.

This app is a simple, but powerful tool that directly integrates with your blackberry. Simply navigate your blackberry browser to the following link and install the autolock app.

Over The Air Install (OTA):

The configuration settings of the app are as follows:

  • AutoLock keys: Enable/Disable
  • Delay after backlight shuts: 1 sec – 10 minutes
  • Action when plugged in: Don’t Lock / Lock
  • Action when on call: Don’t Lock / Lock

You can also download it to your computer and install it, but I’ve always found that process much more tedious.





4 responses to “Blackberry Auto-lock”

  1. dmanzki Avatar

    Thank you for this!

  2. leslie Avatar

    Im trying to use this, but when the lights of my bb turned off it doen’t locked :s

  3. desti Avatar

    is this to poen keylock with slide the trackball? thanks before

  4. raul Avatar

    this is autolock but how to unlock afterwards?

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