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I set a lot of reminders for myself on my company e-mail and I don’t have a blackberry yet. I kind of want one for all the great features, but on the other hand I’m concerned with how connected that would make me and thus make me feel obligated to respond. Here’s a list of e-mail addresses for some of the most popular carriers (in the US) just replace phonenumber in the addresses below with the proper phone number.

T-Mobile: [email protected]

Virgin Mobile: [email protected]

Cingular: [email protected]

Sprint: [email protected]

Verizon: [email protected]

Nextel: [email protected]

As a side note, you can also do this with a service called teleflip. It’s the same thing as sending it to one of the other formats, but it adds a footer to the e-mail that says “Email on your cell – teleflip.com”. I just use my SprintPCS address like above to send reminder messages to myself and it’s not that hard for me to remember the one address. I can see how it would be beneficial if you wanted to send messages to multiple people though. Teleflip also has some commercial offerings on their website that do more advanced e-mail to SMS features. To use teleflip, send the e-mail to the following:

Teleflip: [email protected]






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  1. josh Avatar

    You can also send a picture mail (MMS) message or other multimedia message to a Sprint PCS phone via e-mail using:
    [email protected]

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