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Although I really love WebEx and the powerful features it provides, there are times when a free service would suffice. I’ve been getting e-mails from the Joomla Dallas Users Group about the e-meetings they have started to do and they are using a service called Vyew to do the web meetings. When doing web-development in my off-time I often find it easier and more beneficial to the client to be able to view my screen while I train them how to use their new website. I found a few online collaboration and screensharing tools that are free and I thought I would share them with everyone:





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  1. SAP Avatar

    I’ll give a look at them, thanks! 😉

  2. ubiquityman Avatar

    I tried DimDim, doesn’t work through the firewall. Zoho does, and it has Flash, ActiveX and Java plugins.

  3. ubiquityman Avatar


  4. TestMAN Avatar

    i’ve tried crossloop before and it’s decent enough. all it is, is a middle layer between a VNC server and client. VNC is not that great over low bandwidth mediums and you may find lot of companies will block VNC ports. i think it may have the option to HTTP tunnel.

  5. Alex Roger Avatar

    In addition to above mentioned hosted solutions, you may want to consider a RHUB web conference server.

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