Free WebEx Alternatives

Although I really love WebEx and the powerful features it provides, there are times when a free service would suffice. I’ve been getting e-mails from the Joomla Dallas Users Group about the e-meetings they have started to do and they are using a service called Vyew to do the web meetings. When doing web-development in my off-time I often find it easier and more beneficial to the client to be able to view my screen while I train them how to use their new website. I found a few online collaboration and screensharing tools that are free and I thought I would share them with everyone:

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  1. i’ve tried crossloop before and it’s decent enough. all it is, is a middle layer between a VNC server and client. VNC is not that great over low bandwidth mediums and you may find lot of companies will block VNC ports. i think it may have the option to HTTP tunnel.

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