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Sorry, but I gotta make another techy blog post.  I was having some trouble getting the Spell Checking functionality of my editor component working today and couldn’t remember what I did on my last install to get it running.  This article is relevant to those of you using JCE for Joomla, TinyMCE, or other derivatives of TinyMCE.  If you have Google Spell checker enabled in the backend and when you go to use the spell checker you get an error about an XML call, double check to make sure you have the following extensions enabled in your php.ini file:






3 responses to “Google Spellcheck”

  1. Sarika Avatar

    Thanks Josh, i was also getting xml error in spell checker plugin but enabling curl and mb_string in php.ini file removed the alert message.

  2. Josh Lyon Avatar
    Josh Lyon

    I’m glad my post was helpful to you.

  3. kevin Avatar

    Googled around for a while until i found this post! And 2 apt-get calls later it worked like a charm. Thanks man!!!

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