Hitachi 79FL and NME 1.2

I ended up having to get a new 360 Elite (79FL) because my DVD drive on my old unit (79FK) crapped out. It wouldn’t read any type of media: DVDs, Games, Backups, etc.  I just took apart my new 360 today and installed my NME 1.2 chip into it, but I can’t get it to work.

I’ve done the following things to verify my installation:

  • Tweaked the POT to many different levels (3.15, 2.98, 2.8, 2.7) and still getting Unplayable Disc, and Open Tray errors.
  • Verified solder points using multimeter.
  • Have not tried the Open Tray Fix (eg. adding 1mm of plastic to switch point)

I found a post on xbox-scene from someone saying they have installed an NME 1.2 successfully on a 79FL so I need to do some more testing before I have a conclusive answer as to if it’s compatible or what my issue is.






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  1. Josh Lyon Avatar
    Josh Lyon

    Tried the Open Tray Fix and it didn’t do anything. Pulled the Power (+5V) and the 360 booted up with an E64 error. I really have no idea what it could be?

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Have you done the fix on the wesite?


    The site doesnt say what it fixes… But I really want to know if you get this chip to work on your 79FL as that is what i have right now… And i am trying to stay away from having to use the Maximus….

  3. Josh Lyon Avatar
    Josh Lyon

    I’ve read posts on Xbox Scene of other people that have this chip booting on their 79FL. It might be that my chip went bad when my old DVD drive went bad, but there aren’t many retailers left with NME 1.2 chips to order a new one from. I’m tempted to order the new Maximus Passkey, but I’m holding off for a little bit.

  4. Josh Lyon Avatar
    Josh Lyon

    I guess I didn’t really answer your question totally. I did remove the 470 coil, but I did not reattach it to the +5V pad. It worked fine like this on my 79FK. I searched high and low for the coil last night, but couldn’t find it. I tried the standard +5V and GND points (+/- on DVD board), but that didn’t change anything either. I’ll probably just end up getting a Maximus 79 Passkey.

  5. jt Avatar

    well let me know if you find a decent retailer here in the states for the maximus…. I dont see it on the more reputable sites, which makes me hesitant to order… Plus fron the pics the build quality doesnt look that great… But lemme jnow as i need desparately to get into this drive

  6. josh Avatar

    You can get it directly from Maximus. They are in Mexico, but I don’t know how you can get more reputable than directly from the source. The NME v2 is out now though, so I would go with that.

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