Joomla Templates getItems() Issue

If you start getting template errors (specifically with JoomlaArt templates) like the one below, just replace the lines of code listed below. I’ve noticed this happen on JA_Fagus and JA_Purity… although I think JA_Purity was fixed in the 1.5.6 Joomla packages.

 Fatal error: Call to a member function getItems() on a non-object in /***/templates/ja_***/ja_menus/Base.class.php on line ***.  

Open up the file that has the error in it and look for the following line:

 $menu = @JMenu :: getInstance();  

And replace it with:

 $menu = &JSite::getMenu();  

7 responses to “Joomla Templates getItems() Issue”

  1. many thanks buddy , i checked atleast a dozen website’s to find this fix but atlast when i felt to totally abandon this template ur info assisted me a lot & helped me resume the template . thanks .

  2. Thanks for Lyon’s code, I’ve install the “Ja_fagus” template,
    and the top-menu cannot be viewed,is show that:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …templatesja_fagusja_menusBase.class.php on line 30

    I couldn’t find the way to solve it, help me please 🙂

  3. i`ve changed line 21 but it appears another error at line 34
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:-xampphtdocsJoomla150 emplatesja_purityja_menusBase.class.php on line 34

    line34: foreach ($items as $index=> $v) {

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