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I recently did a google search with the only parameter being show everything from the domain. To do this, I simply went to google and entered “” as my search term. I noticed that the descriptions for all my Joomla pages were the same thing. I decided to take a look at the setting in the Joomla backend at Site > Global Config > Meta and verified that the description entered there was the exact same thing showing in google.

I then checked the source of some of the pages via View > Source in my browser and noticed that the first part of the meta description was what showed in google and my Joomla backend. However, if I read the whole description I noticed that the meta description I was entering in my content was being appended to the global meta information. This really didn’t make sense to me that all my pages had the same information and probably made even less sense to google and other search engines.

That being said, I decided to refine my global description and keywords only to things that I thought were relevant across ALL pages on my website. For example, the only global meta description is now “Boshdirect by Josh Lyon” and my meta keywords are only the highest level keywords like “technology”, “automotive”, etc that match across the whole site.

I’ll have to wait until Google reindexes my site to see how it really looks, but I think it should be a good update.






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