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So I'm working in Microsoft Excel today and I get this great error message.  It's about as unspecific a warning as you can get.  I've been working with Microsoft products for quite a while, but this message has to be one of the best (REAL) messages I've ever personally seen.  Here's the image:


Microsoft Excel


Catastrophic failure?  Ever been in the middle of writing a long paper and had Microsoft Word crash on you before you could save your work?  I always thought that was a catastrophic failure.  As a side note – always remember to save your documents often!

At least this time I was doing something that is out of the ordinary and is data intensive.  For anyone who is technically inclined, I was querying a local database and converting that data to a local data cube for analysis with ProClarity. Ignore this line – In acronym land that would be: using MSQE in Excel to hit an SQL db using ODBC to do some BI analysis on my EUs in EMA for FPD with my PC from TX in the USA. Laughing  Some of the tables have over 50,000 rows of data, but I've done the exact same query before.


Oh well, I thought  


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  1. Chaitanya Sagar, Excel Expert Avatar

    A catastrophic failure is a sudden and total failure of some system from which recovery is impossible. Even improper power causes catastrophic failure.

  2. Annie Avatar

    My PC is running like new.
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  3. computer help Avatar
    computer help

    Must be with the External Data. Also try to check your macro security options.

  4. Tariq Mahmood Avatar
    Tariq Mahmood

    WHen I try to click on a Macro within a worksheet, I get following error:

    “Cannot start the source application for this object”

    I was able to do it but all of a sudden, I am getting above error and cannot execute.

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