I’ve been posting a lot on the NetworkedMediaTank forums lately since I recently developed an application for the Popcorn Hour (and Optware/other devices) that improves the management of Usenet related functions.  The application was originally intended to simply grab all the bookmarks from a users Newzbin account and queue up those NZBs to be downloaded by the users usenet application (NZBget by default).

This means a user no longer needs to go through the manual process of downloading an NZB and uploading it to their Usenet client — which means they would either need to set up an elaborate web-interface setup (such SABnzbd+) or would need remote access to their usenet client in some other fashion. The user can now simply login to Newzbin and bookmark the item. Newzbook takes care of the rest of things and starts the download automatically on its next pass.

The application has now expanded to include a number of other functions such as a mobile friendly Newzbin search and NZBget interface. You can find more details about the application on my googlecode page or on the NMT forums.

I should note that I do not give out Newzbin invitations to anyone I don’t know and I strongly do not condone piracy.





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  1. Chris Avatar

    Hello and thanku very much for this awesome app. I only have one question/problem, Everything is working but the nzbget mini app. I have verified that my custom paths for nzbget and nzbget.conf are set correctly, but I never get the server stats or the d/l que to show up.

    I am running the following versions
    nzbget 0.6.0
    nzb web 1.3 (which all functions work)

    newzbook version 1.2.6beta

    Any ideas on what i might be doing wrong?


  2. josh Avatar

    @Chris: What hardware are you running the NZBGet and Newzbook on? (eg. popcornhour A110, C200, optware platform, etc)

    I was running the latest NZBGet (0.7.0) at the time of writing the application, but I thought I had run 0.6.0. When you go to the Configuration page of Newzbook, you should see three numbers in [brackets] after the paths for NZBget. What are those numbers?

    If they are 0, it means that the configuration path is probably incorrect. Also, if you have upgraded NZBget from the base install of a popcornhour it is possible that there are now two paths: the old/stale path, and the new path. Honestly, I don’t even have my popcornhour setup anymore so I can’t remember all the details off the top of my head.

    Also, you mentioned that you verified the paths. How did you verify them? If I remember correctly, NZBget is just looking for the path to the folder and automatically appends the name of the nzbget configuration file and the binary.

    If you are running this from the popcornhour, I would highly recommend trying the three default configurations buttons at the top of the configuration page as that will usually cover 98% of the configuration types for NZBget.

  3. Chris Avatar

    I am running newzbook, on a custom built atom 330 platform running FreeNas (basically freebsd 7.2)

    I verified the paths, by ensuring that the numbers in the brackets match the permissions on the files (they do) I even set them to 777 to ensure that they are executable by all.

    I will look into upgrading to nzbget 7/0 and see what happens.

    You have any suggestions for something like youapp for an open system using nzbget and newsbinz?


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