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I had about a 45 minute conversation with one of my Coworkers, Troy, about my webiste yesterday. I asked him to tell me three things he liked about the site and 3 he didn’t. The three things he liked about the site were harder for him to come up with than I expected it to be, but he didn’t have much trouble coming up with some suggestions. I really appreciate it when people give me creative criticism as that’s one of the only way to make things better. Attached below is the shorthand notation of what he told me:

1. Clean Interface
2. Breadcrumbs at top. Where you are on the website. Eg. Home > Blogs > Tech > This Article
3. Sliding website tools (even though I am the only person that uses them)
4. The Next / Prev CSS navigation buttons at the bottom of the articles

Dislike / Could Improve
1. RSS Feed doesn’t work. Removed temporarily.
2. DEV Site at bottom of page. Removed.
3. Article “Tags” – removed from the intro page (as I was going to do), but I like them in the articles, so they stay.
4. User Management Menu – hidden
5. Update colors – I really can’t remember what section this was talking about – the whole site?
6. Powered by logos in Gallery. Removed. I need to remember to make a credits page.
7. Border around thumbnails – update colors. It matches my globe, so no rush here yet.
8. Downloads colors. This whole section is ugly. I need to get a better downloads component.
9. Breadcrumbs – make sure all breadcrumbs, including subapplications match.
10. Home and View blog are the same
11. Font for written by is light and hard to read -> change to tags font?
12. Gradient in top background fades in steps, not smooth. Due to compression
13. About me page is bare. Put it all in left module.
14. View Slideshow doesn’t work without subitems.
15. The [-] was confusing to him in the slideshow. Make it Show/Hide
16. Add a Forward button to the slideshow.






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  1. Troy Avatar

    I see you’ve already moved your “about me” to the left side of the page. Actually, I think I liked it more the other way. jk ([url][/url])

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