flamingcube – back online

Our sister site, flamingcube.com, has finally been restored. The data was lost during a transition from one host to another and the most recent backup was corrupt.

An old home-directory backup was found, allowing us to save most of the files. However, a recent database backup could not be recovered. The site had not seen many updates (to the DB) recently, so it wasn't that big of an issue. An older copy of the database was found and flamingcube was restored to it's normal self.

The forums have been locked down due to a recent outbreak in phpBB script attacks to the version currently being used on the site. flamingcube.com will now serve as a reference version of the old site.

Check out the site: http://www.flamingcube.com

I really need to update the site to the new phpBB forums, as a new hack has been released for the version I have on the site. I think I may just take the site offline temporarily and forward the URL to this site.


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