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  • Remove Directory from Git Repository

    I recently started working with the integrated Version Control System (VCS) features of PyCharm and accidentally pushed my IDE / PyCharm project settings to my Google Code hosted Git repository. Basically, all of the files in the .idea folder of my project were pushed to the repository. While these files didn’t necessarily contain any proprietary […]

  • OS Install without CD-rom support

    Download a Floppy Disk boot creator:   Windows 98 Boot Disk Windows 98 SE Boot Disk Windows XP Boot Disk DOS 6.22 Boot Disk   Copy the i386 directory from your installation CD to the hard-drive of the computer you will be installing the Operating System on. Download and run a boot-disk creator from above. […]

  • flamingcube – back online

    Our sister site, flamingcube.com, has finally been restored. The data was lost during a transition from one host to another and the most recent backup was corrupt. An old home-directory backup was found, allowing us to save most of the files. However, a recent database backup could not be recovered. The site had not seen […]