OS Install without CD-rom support

Download a Floppy Disk boot creator:

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Windows 98 Boot Disk

Windows 98 SE Boot Disk

Windows XP Boot Disk

DOS 6.22 Boot Disk


  1. Copy the i386 directory from your installation CD to the hard-drive of the computer you will be installing the Operating System on.
  2. Download and run a boot-disk creator from above. Make sure you have a clean floppy, it will be needed for this.
  3. Reboot the computer with the floppy in it.
  4. Run WINNT once you have accessed the i386 folder. (ie. navigate to C:\i386\ using the "CD" command then run WINNT)
  5. Follow the installation process.

– OR –

  1. Copy the i386 directory to your hard-drive or specify the shared network path as the sourcepath (with the [/s:sourcepath] trigger)
  2. Run the command line utility [command or CMD from the Run line]
  3. Navigate to the location of the i386 folder using the CD command (ie. "C:\> cd c:\i386")
  4. Run the command: WINNT32
  5. Follow the installation process





7 responses to “OS Install without CD-rom support”

  1. sanjaya Avatar

    i don’t have cdrom & floopy drive also , in my network i will copy the i386 folder into the the server i need to install the os into client system pls help me how to install os .

    Thank u

  2. battery Avatar

    […] Interview With GNU DDRescue’s Antonio Diaz Diaz; Article on drive recovery tools; Pat Patterson’s article on Ubuntu hard drive recovery; Manual as a text file; Ubuntu forums article on data recovery. Related software:- …Read More […]

  3. hamid Avatar

    i was trouble to make bootable SD Card to use in Portege M200, can you help me to solve it?? please email to me as soon as possiblethanks

  4. george Avatar

    How can i run the command winnt32 from MS-DOS promt Win 98?
    i copy the i386 in the another partition i made i start the command.com from run menu then i navigate to the i386 folder with cd command now is listing E:>
    i try to run WINNT OR WINNT32 AND it said that is a bad command or file name.Pls help me i don’t know what to do.I even download the Floppy Disk boot creator i restart the computer i put in Bios first to boot from floppy and it say it is a invalid system What can i do?

  5. blackwolf Avatar

    Hi just got to findt his website and on the same page here.
    I’m having an issue with getting error in my old laptop saying “OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND.”
    Is there a way to install OS with my old laptop for this error?


  6. blackwolf Avatar

    there is no USB or CD ROM in my old laptop and I really need badly an advise what to do. They said that i just need to install OS with “OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND” error but again there is no USB or CD Rom.

    thank you


  7. nichu Avatar

    in ma laptop there is got a web cam unusefull msgs..plzzz help me to solve that prblm..

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