Modded Wii – Now in Black!

It didn’t take long for me to mod the Wii. The day after I bought my Wii, I bought the modchip online. The mod chip didn’t make it until a week after I received the actual console, but as soon as I got the chip I set out to install it. The installation of the chip is extremely simple and straightforward, but taking apart the console and putting it back together may be a bit tricky for some. I bought a black full-replacement case so that my Wii would match the rest of my equipment and that part of the installation was the most tricky.

Photo_071107_001 Photo_071107_002 Photo_071107_003 Photo_071107_004


Check out the photo gallery above to see more pictures of the black Wii and some pictures of why I wanted it black to match the rest of my equipment.  The chip didn’t look like it lined up perfectly with the direct-solder method, so I decided to install the chip with wires as I would with a normal chip.  This gave me more flexibility of where I put the chip and makes it easy to swap the chip out later if I want to.  Simply solder the 6 points as indicated on the WiiKey website and close the console back up.

However, I wasn’t simply installation the modchip.  With the case already apart, I began taking every screw out of the motherboard and motherboard shield so I could pull it off of the bottom side of the (white) Wii case. There are a lot of different size and shape screws, so make sure you know where they are going.  I was lining all my screws up in a method I thought would make it easy to reinstall the case until I accidentally hit them with my screwdriver and mixed them all up.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t that big of a deal to put everything back together.

Most of the black screws from on the motherboard go on the black areas (eg. the black plastic) and the silver ones go on the silver parts.  The exterior screws were a little more tricky, but with a little trial-and-error in some parts I got it all back together. The case doesnt have the same high-quality fit as the stock white case did, but it looks pretty good.

The current pictures were taken with my cell-phone, so they aren’t the highest quality but I’ll try to get some new ones up soon.





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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    This is a test of the system.

  2. MARK Avatar


  3. josh Avatar

    I got the chip and the replacement case from

  4. Josh Admin Avatar
    Josh Admin

  5. Alvin Perez Avatar
    Alvin Perez

    Where Did you get the Black Wii from? How can I get one?

  6. Josh Lyon Avatar
    Josh Lyon

    As I already mentioned, I got the Black Wii (full replacement case) from I installed it when I had the console halfway apart to install my WiiKey.

  7. Ben Munoaz Avatar
    Ben Munoaz

    where did you get that wii from i want it so bad that i will do anything if you just tell where you got that

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