Monaro Conversion Updates

A few more of the critical parts for my GTO to Monaro conversion came in. I originally ordered the VZ Monaro front bumper kit from JHP in Australia. They were really great to deal with – professional, friendly, and really helpful when I ran into some basic issues. The only downside to using JHP was that I had to pay a 3% conversion fee with my credit card company since the charge was in Australian Dollars and my credit card company is American Express and thus uses US Dollars.

I decided I would try to find a US based company to purchase the rest of my Monaro parts. I did a little research and found TopShelfPerformance. I ordered my badge kit and side-marker repeater light kit from them. It look a really long time to get the parts from TopShelfPerformance and it’s a pain in the ass to try to get a hold of them as they never answer their phone calls, so I called up JHP and ordered my rear bumper insert from them even though they were $20 more expensive. Once I called them and placed the order, it turned out they were actually $50 cheaper at JHP than TopShelfPerformance (I guess the AUD:USD conversion swung in my favor).

The moral of the story is JHP is great and if you are looking at ordering from G8 to Commodore or GTO to Monaro conversion parts, I would highly recommend you order from them.

You can see the pictures of my GTO to Monaro conversion in progress at the following URL: GTO to Monaro 





3 responses to “Monaro Conversion Updates”

  1. BJ Avatar

    Josh, GTO looks great. 😉

    Hope all is well. I thought of you the other night when I met the guy that bought this car:

    He lives a few blocks away from me.


  2. josh Avatar

    Thanks for the comments, BJ! My digital camera has been broken for a while, so I haven’t updated the pictures. I never put the CV8 badge on the back since they sent me the badge for an older Monaro. Now that summer is rolling around, I might toy with taking the spoiler off again. Laura didn’t like it much when I took it off, but she’s probably just used to seeing it with the wing on.

    Looking at the specs on that monaro conversion is giving me the itch for some go-fast parts… Wasn’t that car in a magazine or something? I thought I read something about that on the LS1GTO forums.

    Also – thanks for posting the big picture on my blog. I didn’t realize auto-resizing wasn’t enabled for the comments. (DOH!) I updated the CSS to take care of it so it renders properly now.

  3. Car Parts Avatar
    Car Parts

    You could consider paying your parts using paypal. Many people fear using it for security reasons but i have been using it with problem. Paypal also gives guarantee and they won’t
    charge you 3%. Just my opinion.

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