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  • PuTTYtray

    I found a great new version of an old tool I’m used to using: PuTTYtray For those of you who don’t know what putty is, it’s “a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator.” Most of my non-techie friends are probably even more confused now […]

  • 301 Redirection Using htaccess

    The following post is about using redirection to keep your existing search engine ranking for content on an old domain. Here’s my story: I purchased multiple domains and by default set them to all direct to the same content (eg. document root). When I started my search engine optimization kick I realized that different domains […]

  • Howto:Change Server Shell Port

    I saw this great post on SharkSpace by Amanda about how to change your server’s shell port. It said it was part of the dedicated server guide, but I thought it was good for people with VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) as well. Here’s the post: 1) Login to shell via root. 2) Open the shell […]

  • Google Spellcheck

    Sorry, but I gotta make another techy blog post.  I was having some trouble getting the Spell Checking functionality of my editor component working today and couldn’t remember what I did on my last install to get it running.  This article is relevant to those of you using JCE for Joomla, TinyMCE, or other derivatives […]

  • Find Local IP Address

    Here’s a quick tip for those of you looking to find your LOCAL (as in within your network) IP address.  In Windows, you would simply issue the following command from the command prompt (Start > Run > “cmd”) ipconfig Which would yield something similar to the following results. U:\>ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local […]

  • Hitachi 79FL and NME 1.2

    I ended up having to get a new 360 Elite (79FL) because my DVD drive on my old unit (79FK) crapped out. It wouldn’t read any type of media: DVDs, Games, Backups, etc.  I just took apart my new 360 today and installed my NME 1.2 chip into it, but I can’t get it to […]

  • Gmail Tip: Add Special Contacts

    I was trying to add my grandparent’s e-mail to my Gmail contact list, but gmail kept telling me "Please make sure the email address you entered is valid."  I figured it probably wouldn’t import it because they were using something of a non-standard address. eg. name&[email protected] The culprit here happens to be the ampersand sign.  […]

  • Verify Local Group Membership

    Here’s a quick tip for verifying local group membership.  This is a quick and easy way to see if someone is a member of a local group. I use this when trying to quickly see if someone is a member of the Administrators group. Simply open the command prompt and run the following code: NET […]

  • Modded Wii – Now in Black!

    It didn’t take long for me to mod the Wii. The day after I bought my Wii, I bought the modchip online. The mod chip didn’t make it until a week after I received the actual console, but as soon as I got the chip I set out to install it. The installation of the […]

  • Weee! I got a Wii!

    My nephew, Braden, was going to be coming in town this past weekend and I really wanted to get a Nintendo Wii so we could have something fun to play.  At least that’s what I’ve been telling everyone else.  I think the other half of it is Laura said it is a gaming system she […]